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Mmm, that's good

I made a quick noodle soup that came out better than I expected:

-One pack of buckwheat noodles (Zaru soba) - like... half the amount you would get if you brought your thumb and second fingers together. It came pre...separated? I guess? With a red paper band...
-Enough water to cover noodles
-Two tablespoonful scoops of dry instant chicken flavoring (pellet sort)
-A tablespoon of dried seaweed, like you'd find in miso soup
-A dash of sesame oil (good stuff, lovely for making things taste better)
-A dash or two of soy sauce

Cook until noodles are soft. Or chewy, depending on how you like your noodles.

Came out a bit strong, so I added more water - about half as much as I put in originally. May have to reduce amount of chicken flavoring or soy sauce. Probably still a bit on the salty side for people.

Feeds one hungry college student. Ideal for midnight snacks

Alternatively, I think you could cook, then drain, and serve cold with furikake, sesame oil, or soy sauce.

And now, for bed. Nap for 3-6 hours, then back to studying.

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