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Eeee, shirts!

Free shipping until friday:

A shirt I'd like someday, 'cause it's nice and blunt, and I've really want to say that someday (and have wanted to say it):
A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine

Something Lady could use:
Roll of Black Gaffer's Tape ... $15
New Box of Sharpies ... $10
Mag Light, Sharpened Pencils, Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, Ice Pack, Safety Pins & 3 Yards of Tie-Line ... $50

Knowing you're ready for anything: priceless

There are some problems that fix themselves.
For everything else, there's the Stage Manager!

And the odd inner child t-shirt that... doesn't link to a purchase page:
"I killed and ate my inner child.
Tasted like chicken"
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