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Amusements, go look~

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...Alex is a guy, btw, if you didn't know. Or couldn't tell.

X.x Ok, ok, I admit it, I'm (slightly) jealous of Alex (1st and 2nd link). And the main character (3rd link). ::blinks:: ::decides to leave it public anyways:: ~not like I have much of any reputation left anyways, hehehehe...

Bother, now to type up my first 10 questions for the seminar, pick out the next ten and type those out, then finish the english journal, followed by the math homework that I neglected to do yesterday, as well as preparing for tomorrow's math quiz. Extended Essay is being put off. Long Fuse Should be re-read, but I don't foresee that happening. Chinese essay (for IB???) needs to be written. College applications need to be organized and recommendation letters need to be figured out.

Everyone else seems to have their acts together. Or at least picking up the pace or getting work done. I'm still in the summer mode, delaying everything until it's not possible.

You know what? I've passed the first massive wave of panic. Now I'm just numb with unanticipation.

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