Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

A note...

...and all the other people who read my blog but do not comment.

Yes, I do leave things public. Just about everything, in fact. But please don't make assumptions about me from my blog. I am pretty honest about the things I post on here, but certain things will always be left out, either purposely or just because it does not cross my mind to post it. And if:
A) you know me in real life, or may one day meet me in real life, and
B) you're not commenting here, anonymous or otherwise
Then please don't use things that I write here as a conversation starter? Especially with people who don't know me that well. Or don't know me at all. I'd rather not have people get the wrong impressions about me, my life, or anything else posted here.

I hope I'm not making this more serious than I feel it is (it's not serious at all). I'm just saying now so I won't be faced with the event of someone one day deciding something regarding me based on only what they've read here or was told based on what someone else read here.

In retrospect, this might just be a overreaction to finding out that someone else reads my journal besides those people that I already know reads my journal. Yeah. That kinda freaks me out a bit every time that happened.

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