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Okay. I might have been biting off more than I can chew.

-Warbook : 130 messages to get back to. Partially slowed down 'cause facebook is a fucking failure and finds it necessary to automatically block application creators if they send too many messages. And I really can't afford to have my facebook banned - Which means I need to figure out how to create a personal backup copy of the parts I can access, without triggering their anti-script system. Ideally, I should just find something that'll watch me surf the site, and log everything I download.
Maybe some sort of proxy cache...?

-GRE : I need to sign up and take the goddamn thing, and then actually apply to colleges and stuff..
-Valentines day : Blah.
-Host club : Next week, saturday... tch.. I'll get photos tomorrow, and then website will have to go up ideally, as soon as I get the photos.
-Japan night : Need a website for that too. We have no logo for me to work around though...
-EXPO : Blah, should give my resume to people too. Should prep for interviews, what?
-ECE443wtf? : I don't know what's going on in the labs. Not good.
-ECE442 : HW due friday
-NPRE402 : HW due M/W/Fs... I should work ahead, so this last minute shit stops.
-MATH415 : due... friday?

[edit] Ok, that's wrong. I can handle this, it's well within my abilities. I just need to focus a bit more, and organize. Or I need to slice up my time into smaller chunks and efficiently micromanage.

[edit 2] I also need to fix my sleeping schedule. I am sleeping at around 3-5 AM each day, getting up around 9. I would like my 8 hours of normal sleep, so I can pay attention in class without having to rely on my laptop to not fall asleep (and... not pay attention as a side effect of using said laptop.)

Food now. Need extra food for strength to stay up.
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