Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Sunny snowstorm / what to do if a gunman visits your classroom

There's a sunny snowstorm outside. Like, with large visible, flakes, but also with sun.

Kinda pretty. And interesting. Fluffy wet snow, la~

Also, on the note of the recent killings, our MILS202 teacher (army major or something, I don't remember) walked us through what we know of the killer's mindset and offered his suggests in the case that it ever happens here on campus. They sounded decently reasonable, so I'm going to repeat them here:

-Killer does not plan on living. So he'll try to kill himself in the end. So presume irrational, lethal force. But he is still human, so normal attacks apply.
-Handguns are not accurate. There's 6 inches to sight down, which, from what he said, translates to a lot of inaccuracy, especially if the user isn't skilled. A shot from a handgun is unlikely to kill you immediately, unless it hits you in the head. Handguns will also have a tendency to shoot higher than intended.
-You will be within 30 feet of the killer. This translates to a pretty low chances of living for you.

So what you should do:
1) Duck for cover. Chances are, there's not too much cover, but it is MUCH harder to hit a target already on the ground.
2) Throw shit. Yes, that's what our teacher said: Throw shit. Anything you have, throw at him. Even if it doesn't hit him, it'll distract him.
3) Scream and charge at him with full intent to kill. Ideally, you'll be charging from the side. Your chances of getting killed are pretty high anyways, but with enough momentum, you'll still run him down even if shot, and you may survive and save other lives in the process. If possible, disarm him, but failing that, grab gun hand and knee the groin. Expect significant resistance - he wants to die.
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