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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Online, self publishing?

Saw their ad in facebook. Do not know how good or bad they are. May be a possible resource someday, if I... write a book? Hahahaha, yeah, right.

Nitpicky wannabe webdesigner side: FAQ annoys me too. :P Let us click the items in the bulleted list to go directly to the those points. And page scrolls too much. :P Ah! That's what the site reminded me of... a duller Amazon! Currently have a somewhat lower opinion of them, given their front page title "Self Publishing, self publish, online publishing" - someone is trying to get themselves indexed in search engines in an odd manner... and the random quote "Wordclay is very user-friendly, and impressively fast." with a nameless "Wordclay Author". Come on, it sounds better with a real person's name... really.

And... there's something about the site that bothers me a bit - it feels like they beat around the bush when it comes to prices - the FAQ relatively clearly says it's free, but... ::skeptic:: it feels like there's still some hidden costs and penalties... It can't all be free...

Their price list http://www.wordclay.com/FAQ/documents/WordclayServicesStorePriceList.pdf goes to a 404 page. Whoops?

They do seem to offer quite a bit of information in their FAQ though - I see some legal stuff that might be useful for people who are just getting started...

Ah, services page. Mmm. Copyediting is 2 cents? o_O Their 2 cents? :D

Hmm, cover design, logo design. Yipes, a $50 domain name registration!? Mmm, 50¢ postcards...25¢ business cards.. all kinda expensive. Could get better and prettier from the much more user-friendly, lovely moo.com.

Ah hah.... here's the catch:
5.2. Price of Work and Royalties. During the publishing process for each Work submitted on the Site, you are asked to choose the price of the Work and the corresponding royalty amount you will receive from the sale of the Work. If we sell your Work, and we receive payment, we will pay you the royalty amount you chose during the Work registration process. As the author of the Work, you will be able to purchase copies of the Work for a discounted price. In order to receive royalty payments from us, you will have to provide remission information at our Site. On this page, we will ask for the name, address, and phone number where you would like to receive your payment. It is your responsibility to update your contact information if it changes. If your account is inactive or terminated and we are unable to contact you using the contact information provided, we may also, at our discretion, charge a termination fee equal to the amount of unpaid royalties to cover administrative costs.

We will remit payments to you on a quarterly basis (4 times a year) along with a report of sales in that reported quarter by electronic mail; provided, however, no payment shall be made to unless and until the amount of the royalties is equal to or exceeds $20,000.
(underline and bold added by me)
-Terms of Use (http://www.wordclay.com/TermsOfUse.aspx)

Pity. I knew it was too good to be true? How long would one have to wait until you make $20k from book sales?


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shanrina From: shanrina Date: February 26th, 2008 01:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
$20k in book sales would take a very long time, even if you did a TON of self-promotion. I have heard some fairly decent things about Lulu in terms of self-pubbing, although I don't plan to go that route so I don't know much about the specifics.

I saw Wordclay's ad on facebook, too, and something about them just bugs me. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I can't. Although to be fair, it might just be that it's been tattooed on my brain "Money flows to the author, not the other way around" and I don't think that's exactly how it works if you go the self-publishing route.
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