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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Yay! I went out and saw Mars. It was.... well... bright. And sunny. No, that was the moon. But the moon can't be sunny... o.O I confuse me. Anyways, it was bright. Yep. And lacking anything better, we found bird-watching binaculars and used those. And the moon was pretty through them. But Mars... well, it stayed a dot, no matter how hard I tried to cast teleportation spells.

Did I spell "teleportation" correctly? Thingiemabobber says it's misspelled. Then again, it says "thingiemabobber" is misspelled as well, so... well, actually, it is. Should be "Thingamabobber", but that's wrong too.

....Eh, yeah, need to go to bed. And sleep. Well, catch up on sleep first, then sleep.

Oooh, and Read Or Die TV episodes are out. In raw, unfortunately, but I'm going to find time to watch it and maybe figure out what's going on there.
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