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Oh, yeah, I have a suit now.

And I actually look good/decent in it. As in, I don't feel awkward wearing it, nor do I think I look awkward. Hurrah! =^^= ::rather pleased::

For my future reference, my current sizes are:
Shoes: 9.5 male, from Bostonian (yay!)

Pants: 34x29. Although I think my waist size is more of a 30-32 range, depending on brand. (34 happens to fit in this case, since there's the belt and the shirt that needs to get tucked in and such). Brand is Stafford. Probably one of their easy-fit sort of pants. Also it's relatively waterproof, which is amusing (it was a bit wrinkled, so I sprayed a bit of water on it, but that had no effect whatsoever).

Shirt: 15, 32-33. Stafford again. "Wrinkle Free, Super shirt." Good stuff. Really doesn't wrinkle that much.

Suit: 38R (38 regular?). Again, also from Stafford. "Super Suit."

Also, this is rather useful:
Overstock's sizing chart.
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