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Oh, yeah...

CCACC Volleyball started again. I'm in the C class (or the last/"most advanced" class.. whichever it is). My volleyball skills have really deteriorated... >.< I have like.. 70% of the ball control I had when I left volleyball last year...

And the freaky part is that we have 30 kids in our class. Usually, the teacher keeps a max of 20. And the lack of teacher control over kids showed, there were clumps of discussion/chitchat all over the place. Hopefully Ned Li (sponsor/organizer/what not) will be able to move the lower classes to friday instead of extending the time to 11:30 or 11:00. 'cause that'd suck for everyone.

::sighs:: overall, it wasn't too bad... 'cept the elastic string on my shorts broke >.< and now I have to find some way to thread it back through the shorts.

I like this song~ the singer..what's her name..'s voice isn't great, but the beat is pretty good... and the melody is rather catchy. I'm listening to it now only because it refuses to dislodge itself from my mind.

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