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Urinetown: The Musical

Watched the IUB (Illini Union Board)'s production of Urinetown.

I want their lights. And their lighting board. Controlling it involved a pen and a touch screen...

Props to the actors who did an amazing job singing and dancing. Having watched some of our own performances, I know the time involved in learning and synchronizing the dances.

Also, props to the sound guy for hanging in there when one of the lavs started flaking out like they always do. Little Sally had to be given a handheld for a tiny bit, until they either switched her off the bad one, or... I dunno. Although some of the sound cues were a bit late. Possibly because he was trying to figure out which one was throwing a hissy fit...

There was a lot of breaking-of-the-fourth-wall than I expected. Was very much amused at points. Also the lack of policemen was funny. Err. Not really lack - there were two: our narrator ("Lockstock"), and another lacky ("Barrel").
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