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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
So we had an earthquake...
...or two.

One sometime around 5 AM, waking me up (was like, wtf... room shaking disturbingly). Then another this morning around 9-10 AM.

Slightly scary, given that there's no first floor (our apartment sits on large concrete pillars), and we're on the second floor, with a third floor above us. Hrm. Squishy.

Have sensed other earthquakes, but never connected the shaking to earthquakes before this (kinda thought the central USA had tornados, not earthquakes). But yeah, there's lots of dangly things on my desk in my apartment, so any minor shaking causes them to rock and cause noise.

*fwump* _⎯_ ....scooch scooch soooch~

Hehe. ::v. easily amused::

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