Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Server racks... aren't all that secure =^^=v

One of the classes I'm taking involves sticking RH linux onto servers and then mucking around with the TCP/IP stuff.

While waiting for the printer to print something, I got bored and started poking around at the server rack that housed our stuff. There's a lock on it, but since we need physical access to the servers, the door's kept unlocked. But I noticed that the hinges were spring loaded and could easily be pushed up to unhinge the door.

So I discovered to my amusement that I could use the snap-hook my keys are on to reach in and lift the hinge pin, thereby bypassing the lock completely.

Have pictures of hinge. Will post later. Am lazy / need to cram for exam in 6 hours.
Tags: hacking

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