Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Code Geass r2 5

Anyone else see the parallel to the similar cat-chase episode from the first season?

Except... there's was more at stake this time around.

Lelouch, I hope you have a good poker face...

And omg. Plot twist after plot twist after oh, hey, let's see if we can twist the plot one more way before the episode ends. Reminds me a bit of Death Note in terms of how fast things pile up...

...and I can't decide if I want to root for Suzaku or Lelouch. I dislike Suzaku's... willingness for follow orders, Lelouch is a bastard who blatantly uses other people for his own agenda.

Also, other mechas pretty. And the silly Knight of the Round that piloted new shiny transforming mecha amuses me. He needs more screentime.

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