Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Note to self: Learn to travel light.

'cause while having lots of stuff is useful ("Ben, why do you have toy handcuffs...?" - people I lent handcuffs to for a show), I don't use... about 30% of the stuff.

And it makes packing annoying. 'cause there's lots of stuff.

Ideally, it'd be nice if I could move by throwing everything into one or two suitcases and vanish. Is the inconvenience of living out of two suitcases worth the convenience of having little to pack? Maybe. Much of the hassle is the kitchen stuff, which a relative is coming by to pick up.


Also, I shouldn't get too annoyed at the roommate, who left (for good*) already and has left me a large mold splotch to deal with (on one corner of his room). While I'm not getting compensated in money, I am getting some stuff in exchange, like a rather nice looking watch that he was given and hasn't worn. Also getting a wireless keyboard.

Although I think I'm still relatively annoyed, since none of it is stuff I can use. I suppose I could sell the watch and keyboard, and maybe make use of some of the other stuff that's getting left behind, like 5+ shirts from various companies, unopened pack of pencils, assorted bits and pieces of stuff... And he's leaving books too. Mmm. Maybe I could sell some of the books... I wish I had more time, or a way to guarantee a sale in 4 days.

*He's getting a different apartment, I'm graduating.
Tags: packing, travel

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