Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Quick rundown of the past few days...

...since I've been offline for 62+ hours, and quite internet deprived (but oddly not suffering the typical internet-deprevation withdrawal symptoms).

- Graduated. Old news. Ceremony was boring.
- Got an A in a 400 level ECE class. My first A~ in ECE for a while... that's kinda sad. =.=
- Passed the class I was most worried about. Which means graduation is actually true, and I don't have to take summer classes or something.
- Went to ACen.
- Got hit by both the new $25 for-your-second-bag fee & $100 for an overweight bag, thus raising my total travel cost back to maryland from $130 to $250. Bastards.
- Was under the very odd situation of where I was assigned a seat at the gate. Uncomfortable situation, almost felt like I had paid a LARGE amount of money to play russian roulette with a random chance of getting on the plane...
- Also, United overbooked. Way too much. From what people were saying, anyhow. I would probably have gotten bumped, 'cept for some nice guy who took their offer of a free ticket + local hotel stay. Thank you, kind gentleman. I hope United treats you well. And you're right, you had an awesome seat (10D, exit row.)

More on ACen later?
Tags: life

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