Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ugh, I'm an idiot.

(Or, proof that I'm very deprived of sleep at the moment)

You know how earlier I talked about not recording the episodes in EP like I needed to? Well, I did it again. When I went back to re-record the episodes in EP, I recorded them without remembering to select SP. And hopefully there's enough time left on the tape. Which there should be, since there's .5 hours left in SP, which _should_ translate to 1.5 hours in EP. And there's only 45 min on that VCD that I'm recording at the moment. (1 VCD = 2 episodes = 45 minutes)

I'm going back to work.

iJournal died on me and lost this post earlier. I had written something else, probably about lack of sleep in relationship to my failure of grammar skills. Which means my journal is going to suck.

Oh, and I whined about not being able to sleep in SP and then waking up and using that as EP. (Essentially, that'd mean for 2 hours of sleep in SP, you'd get 6 hours of sleep in EP) Yeah, that logically does not make sense, but as of right now, nothing does.

And most of those comments I speak of are actually on IBS. Which I can't access via going through the router, out to the internet, and then being redirected back in. Why? I ranted about this already, but my stupid SMC router's firmware update screwed it up. And I curse at it much right now. But until then, I won't be answering most of the comments on IBS.
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