Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I just got one of the most irritating requests today. From someone at

To clarify, I run several anime servers. (servers = places you can connect to using software and download) He (or she - probably a he, most female online are more polite overall.) apparently found my anime list here. The "humiliation" they refer to is at the top - the part where I state what they need to know before contacting me.

This is copied directly, just 'cause it annoys me so. And my comments are in red.
= abrar, I found your list in the yahoo search - or something of that sort ñ I hope that I was polite enough...No, you moron, most people are more polite.

U can skip that part (I advise you 2 do so)Dear phucking god... why can't people use "you" "to" and just spell words out in general?? X.X

And I was wondering...

Where did u get such (I don't know what can I call it?)... an idea? Even if u giving 2 others (and that is a sort of kindness what the hell? A sort of kindness? oh well, I guess you _could_ look at it that way thanks u very much)... but that doesn't give u the rights 2 humiliate them... ugh, god, if you're trying to get something from me, don't frigging criticize me. And I didn't humiliate anyone. Or at least it's not intentional. I think people do know how 2 requests in polite ways without telling them 2 do
so...This is a perfect example of someone who doesn't know how to request at all.

More over Ö (here comes the queen of polite requests)queen... o.O?

I wanted 2 request ( nothing )\don't waste my time then, you idiot. even if I asked for something I'll know 4 sure that u'll ignore it and why do you assume I'll ignore it? after such polite requestÖ;) so can u hand it over ;).. hand what over? Dude, if you don't tell me what you're looking for.......

AaaaaaaaÖ don't take it so seriously... u can say... I was...

Just kidding (no hard feelings) kidding? It wasn't even funny. This has been a waste of my time. And because you've done so, I will go out of my way to humiliate you.
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