Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

WBR-2310 disconnect/reset issues (and solution)

If you have a WBR-2310 router, it might actually be a DI-624 router in disguise.

The WBR-2310 firmware is crappy - if too many connections run through it at one time (aka, if you're using BitTorrent), it'll crash and reset.

You'll see pings slow down then time out, then if you're on wireless, the wireless connection will drop.

Upgrade to the DI-624 Rev D firmware. This has been echoed at several places as a working fix, and this livejournal post is just to confirm that the recent DI-624 Revision D Firmware version 4.0.4, beta 44 WORKS for WBR-2310. It fixes the bittorrent problem and as far as I can tell, ping responses are much, much more stable. It would flake out a bit while deleting the useless "virtual server" applications, but once I got rid of most of them, things got better. Potentially unnecessary, but I prefer it clean.

You'll find the DI-624 firmware here:
(save the file that ends with ".bin".)

Be advised: This is not an open forum for you to request additional information. I'm not responsible for your stupidity if you do something wrong.
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