Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Sword of Truth series => TV series Legend of the Seeker

Holy shit. Trailer looks potentially good.


...Eh, ok, I was really looking forward to it until I read the differences from the book on wikipedia =>

Things like:
"Richard was not told about the Confessors or the Confessor power. In the TV version, this was one of the first things Richard learned."
"The Book of Counted Shadows was memorized by Richard over a long period of time with the help of his father George Cypher and was subsequently destroyed. In the TV version, the Book was an actual artifact to be fought over."
...Those are pretty massive changes, yo. Although, I guess.. in the scope of the entire series as a whole, and not just the first book, they're not that important and probably shorten events significantly to a more manageable length.
Tags: sword of truth

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