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Permanent Account Sale

As we mentioned in the last news post, the Permanent Account Sale starts on December 4. For this go-round, the sale applies to personal journals only. For just $175, you can have LJ for life. What's included in $175? All the features of a Paid Account, plus:

The most storage available on LiveJournal (now a whopping 15GB)
The most userpics available on LJ (boosted to 150, and that's not even counting Loyalty Userpics, which can add up to another 44 to your 150)
EDIT: Once the sale begins on December 4, the userpic and storage limits will be increased for all Permanent Accounts.
$25 of your purchase price donated to charity (look for details about the designated organizations in the December 4 news post).

The Permanent Account Sale is a temporary offer and ends December 10 at 11:59 PST, so be ready to buy when the sale starts on December 4!
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