Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Company Retreat...

Quick overview of what happened:

We sat in a charter bus for several hours and went to Lake Tahoe. Or the base of the mountains around said lake.

Decent accommodations for all. There were three multi-bedroom condos.

Attempted to go snow tubing, but it sucked (incline was not steep enough, "snow was too fresh," they said) and the lines were slow, so we got a (full?) refund on that. Then, on the way back to the housings, we passed by a snowmobile place and arbitrarily decided to go snow-mobiling. That made up for the failure in snow tubing. They were capped at about 20 mph though, and didn't turn all that well. (The course was also just a large loop, kinda like your ice skating loop.) Still, it was pretty nifty - they work by turning a foot-wide belt (technical term: Continuous track?).

After that, there was a pretty high class buffet, followed by exploring the casino downstairs - several coworkers managed to net $200-300. I had more fun downstairs in the arcade, finding flaws in the kiddie games. (notably the drop-tokens-to-make-more-tokens-fall sort. I discovered that while shaking it back and forth or up and down was rather difficult, since it was pretty heavy, some badly designed ones could be shaken left to right due to nice dividers acting as perfect handholds. The catch is to not shake too hard, otherwise you'll set off the motion sensor inside the system, which then disables ticket dispensing.)

Another long bus ride on sunday morning, arriving back in Palo Alto in the afternoon.

And now? I'm going to go and spend more money and try to find Halo 3 and Fable 2 and the Orange Box.
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