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Saishuuheiki Kanojo

Is really good and getting better... much of it is the relationships and thoughts between the characters, although not so much that it's boring. Romance is a big part in the series... I've watched about 6 episodes tonight, on episode 9 and feeling rather emotionally drained.

The characters face problems I've had, which is interesting, although sadly, the questions and problems go unsolved... And there was a ToKish question posed a few episodes back (ep 7 or 8?), something along the lines of "How can we tell him what is right?" and the conclusion drawn by the main character was that what he thinks is right is right - Talking about their friend who has gone off to war to protect the girl he loved, who doesn't love him back, but instead loves the main male character...

Also mentioned (by the main male character) was the inability to understand girls... amusingly enough, the answer that girl he was talking to gave was that she's glad guys didn't understand girls and she'd be embarrassed if guys were able to figure out what she thought... or something like that. Then again, she was in love with the main male character, so that's kinda true, I guess.

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