Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Irritating paperwork

I still need to:
a) do taxes
b) get a CA drivers license (was supposed to do so within 10 days of becoming a "resident"*. Except the nearest one is at least 30 minutes away, by train + walking. And I don't have a car. So driving = once every three or four months with a Zipcar.)

*one of the definitions of a resident is apparently becoming employed here full time. That was a few months ago.

Anime... taxes... anime.... taxes...

You know, I don't post much to my livejournal anymore. I was looking to see if I recorded my turbotax hack of downloading multiple free states, but I can't find it. And noticed that I used to post once daily, instead of the current... 1-3 a week at most. I wonder if I should rectify that or move towards twitter (equally useless, since I check it even less than I post to livejournal), although there's been a recent influx of friends there, goddess knows why.

I'm ibneko there, by the way. You'd think I'd move onto another nickname, now that I'm no longer in IB. And have had my diploma in a corner collecting dust for over 4 years.

...anime. Toradora is much more interesting than taxes. Plus, turbotax is still updating something or other.
Tags: life, taxes

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