Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

If you give an Engineer a Cookie...

If you give an Engineer a Cookie...
He's going to want to make another one.
If he wants to make another one...
He's going to have to have a
computer station to design it.

If you give him a computer station...
He's going to need the latest copy of
"AutoCAD for Bakers"tm to go with it.

If you give him the software...
He's going to discover he needs a copy of
the "Design Specs for Confections" manual.

If you get him the reference manual...
He's going to find he needs copies of all the old blueprints.

If you locate the old blueprints...
He's going to discover that "the last guy
who designed the cookie
was a complete idiot who couldn't
engineer himself out of a paper bag."

If he burns energy explosively
Cursing the previous Engineer...
He's going to want to get some snacks from
the vending machine to eat in his cubicle.

If the Engineer gets some junk food...

He's going to want a cookie!

Andrew Bartmess, (c) 2005
Tags: humor

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