Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

not fair, damnit...

We lost power thursday night, 5 PM, and we still don't have it. I'm borrowing power from my neighbors across the street, who do have it (grrrrr... stupid power setup thing... one side of our street has power and the other side (mine) doesn't.). Anyhow, just on to type up cicero, make changes to my EE so there's something to show mrs. bridgett, and tell everyone I'm still alive, although depressed from the overall lack of internet/computer accessibility/whatnot, not to mention the everconstant nagging college applications and upcoming SAT IIs that I _really_ need to prepare for and have been putting off.

Fuck this, don't like senior year. WANNA GO BACK IN TIME..... Or at least majorly change things.

Will post more when I finally get power back.

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