Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Day 6

And still no power.

GAH -.- I've been getting less and less patient with this whole issue. There was a major yelling/argument yesterday night that I did not take part in...

Anyways... I'm going to let the computer run for a while... The fridge and computer can share power, it just that occasionally something will blow and I'll get high pitched overload beeping from the computer backup battery that restricts the power (so we don't take too much and cause our neighbor's breaker/fuse/whatnot to trip.

So, ibcorner is up at the moment. yipee. Will disconnect from the internet & shutdown whenever R.O.D. TV 3 finishes downloading.

I have some 4 pages of handwritten stuff from the past 5 days to type up and post sometime. You guys can look forward to that... =-.-=

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