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W00t! Nokia LD-1W GPS!

So I wandered over to Goodwill yesterday, because they have a 50% off all non-barcode items and picked up a Nokia LD-1W. That's a bluetooth GPS unit. Checking Amazon, prices are at $60-something. I got it for $2. Probably because no one knew how to test it.. or even what it was.

Took me a while to adapt a car Nokia charger to a 12V AC-DC unit to charge the poor thing, but it charged overnight and I got it working this morning.

Got it to sync with my macbook pro:
1) Ran the bluetooth setup assistant
2) added it as "Any Device"
3) Passkey was 0000. The normal.
4) Then I configured it's serial ports, with "RS-232" as the Protocol and "SPP-GPS" (the only choice) as the Service.

Ran Kismac. It recognized it immediately and showed pretty graphs of what satelites the GPS unit had found.

Then I downloaded, compiled, and installed GPSd. And grabbed Google Earth and gps2geX (a gps to google earth tool). Started up GPSd: sudo /usr/local/sbin/gpsd -b -n -N -D 1 /dev/tty.NokiaLD-1W-SPP-GPS-1

and started gps2geX. Opened Google Earth and hit the "open in google earth" button in gps2geX and saw my location. Yay!

Only problem: I don't really have a use for this, unless I go wardriving or geocache hunting... :\
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