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Yay, Stanford students are moving out..

And they throw some awesome stuff away.

Today, I managed to snag:
-One DVD player
-Two Laptops (both really old, but perfect to run servers / try linux on)
-One Samsung PDA with an extra battery and an extra battery charger.
-A few assorted AC/DC plugs
-6? plates, some with chips off the edges. 2 bowls, and one larger glass bowl.
-A cookbook
-A haircut kit
-One old and ugly looking DSL modem.
-One metal lamp. Needs a lampshade.
-One working bike that needs to be tuned up a bit. The brakes need replacing, but otherwise it looks decently functional.

There was also a Dell desktop that was being thrown out, as well as yet another laptop, but those were so heavy (that laptop was reeeaaaallly old), I decided not to lug it home.

Man, I wonder if UIUC kids throw away as much stuff. Although, I get the feeling I might have been looking in the graduate / professor housing area, since there were a lot of strollers and such in front of houses. Which might explain the older-looking stuff they throw away, instead of typical dorm stuff. I think trash gets emptied on mondays, unfortunately, so unless I feel like making yet another trip... meh. I think I made over 5 roundtrips to the Stanford campus, and at about 2.5-3 miles one way, plus wandering through the various parking lots to peer awkwardly around dumpsters... that's 30 miles? Meep.

I almost wonder if I should rent a zipcar for an hour. Then I could snag larger things like smaller mattresses (saw at least two), the desktop, and other things...

...I'm hungry.
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