Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Recent anime series completed...

Toradora: Highly recommended. 24 episodes with solid characters and quality emotional moments. At least compared to other anime, anyhow.

RideBack: Ending soundtrack was pretty. Series is short, at 11? 12? episodes. Interesting concept. Wished there the characters were more solid and the plot was better.

Eden of the East: Very nice concept. Has geeks, I approve. Opening and ending were both pretty. Short, at 11 episodes. Recommended. Could have gone so much deeper and asked about how humanity could become better, but so much more time was spent on chasing characters around.

The Daughter of Twenty Faces: I liked this. The main character reminded me of an ex-girlfriend. XD I wished there was more....

Kuroshitsuji: Was good, up until the end. At which point, I was like... WTF? No climax!

Soul Eater: Must watch. Long, at 51 episodes. Action series.


Currently watching:
Full Metal Alchemist, season 2: Hey, it's season 1 all over again. And ZOMG, WHY HUGHES, WHY!!!!!!!!!
Pandora Hearts: Meh.
Skip Beat: Slow releases. Eh well. It's good.
07 Ghost: I just watch for the fighting-with-words. It's interesting and shiny. That's about it.
Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl that Leapt Through Space?): Good. The AI / flying spaceship brain amuses me often.
Melancholy of Haruhi Season 2: Meh. It's Haruhi. Episode 1 was full of Moe.
Shangri-La: Shiny. Lots of questions that don't get answered until episode 11 or so. Has an awesome transsexual character. Man, I wish I could be like her/him.
Hayate no Gotoku Season 2: Meh. I'm downloading this, but I haven't been watching it. Hayate's awesome, but Quicktime has been having issues playing these mkvs and I'm typically too lazy to pop open VLC / vlc has subtitle display issues, although I think the recent updates has fixed that.
K-On: Episode 1 was awesome. As was episode 2. But since I tend to watch anime late at night, it doesn't help that there's little or no action, so I tend to fall asleep watching K-On. Still, was downloading..... at some point...
Higepiyo: Hehehehe. That's all. They're short amusing episodes.

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