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Terry Pratchett (4.8 MB)

But there's nothing like opening a new book, smelling (and getting high on) the scent of new pages, and curling up something comfy and devouring it...... and heaven knows I abuse my eyes enough anyways... (::blinks:: ::frowns at the last statement:: there's got to be a better way of wording that...)

Anyhow, I'm going to go now, and imagine that we still don't have power, because that seems to make me amazingly productive. And I've found that going to bed at 9 or 10 is very nice... 'cause I actually stay awake in my classes that way...

Yay for self-delusion. Hahaha, off I go.

And why Terry Pratchett is goooood.
Igor was puzzled. Igor had never worked for a sane person before. He'd worked for a number of... well, the world called them madmen, and he'd worked for several normal people, in that they only indulged in minor and socially acceptable insanities, but he couldn't recall ever working for a completely sane person.

Obviously, he reasoned, if sticking screws up your nose was madness, then numbering them and keeping them in careful compartments was sanity, which was the opposite-

Ah. No. It wasn't, was it... ?

He smiled. He was beginning to feel quite at home already.

-The Thief Of Time

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