Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Man, the Harry Potter movie made me wish I was back at school.

Also, Harry, what's wrong with you? Everyone's standing respectfully away from Dumbledore and you rush in and GROPE HIS CHEST?

(Yes, it was supposed to be touching and... meh, I just found it kinda odd.)

Overall, it was good. I don't recall the book anymore, but it seemed like everything that needed to be there was there. Or at least I wasn't particularly bothered by anything. I think I actually have a used hard copy I picked up somewhere, so I'll probably read it again. Or maybe re-read the whole series? Meh.

Kinda wanna to re-read some of the better fanfiction too...
Tags: harry potter, hp

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