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Bike dismantling!

New things accomplished:
-Removed a fork (connects the front wheel to the main body of the bike)
-Removed a Ashtabula crank (single piece spindle and crank arm = read for more information).

New things learned: WD40 really does function as a solvent. I had a stupid fork on another bike that tended to settle in the straight direction. I decided to dismantle that to check to see if there was pitting on the surface that the bearings rest on. Turned out that wasn't the case - it was just some really old grease that was keeping the bearing cages from doing anything useful.

However, dishwasher liquid didn't do anything to remove that dried grease. But a few squirts of WD40 had instant results - within a few rubs, I could see the a shine underneath the grease. Some liberal application of Polylube 1000 (not a recommendation from me, mind, just what I picked up from the local bike shop) and the bike's fork now turn quite nicely. =^^=v

That being said: a warning to anyone who's thinking of using WD40 to lubricate your bottom bracket, fork, axles; Don't! You'll ruin what original grease was there.
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