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Golden Gate Park and the San Francisco Zoo

Except by the time I made my way to the park, it was already nearing 2 PM. I saw a good number of bikers, but I wasn't sure if they were there for the sunday fun or just there because it's a nice place to bike.

My path:Google Maps

According to my nifty new bike computer ($10 from amazon. I bike an average of 10 mph, although on flat ground, I typically go at about 15 mph. Hills will slow me down to 5-8 mph - like the one on Fell St - that was unhappy to bike up. I had to drop down to my lowest gear and pedal like a madman.) Oddly, google maps says my route was only 14 miles, while the bike computer clocked about 18. I mean, I probably did sidetrack here and there, but I don't think that added 4 miles. My wheel measurements might be wrong... :\

Anyways, yay, found the golden gate park. Saw the Pacific ocean - there's a nice beach there, much cleaner looking than the one at Santa Cruz. Less people too.
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