Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Today is apparently Services Failure Day.

First, Azureus (now Vuze?) - Update box popped up. There was an unusual number of windows to the updating message. That should have set off a red flag.

But I clicked through and let it update without really reading what it was telling me (I'm tired, I just want it to download. And I want to get back to KH.)

But when I restarted, lo and behold, my preferences had been cleared and the torrents I was downloading was gone. Not the actual data itself, but the fact that I had been downloading them. So I had to go and find them again - thankfully, there wasn't a large number.

And then, I find out Vuze installed a toolbar in Firefox. I don't recall accepting this. :P I HATE when software installs other software without my consent. (I might have given it, but I really don't recall that during the installation process.)

Uninstalling it, here's my letter to them as to why I uninstalled:

No, I don't want your crap. I'm going to assume I missed a checkbox to skip installing this crapware, but what was Azureus has just lost so many goodwill points.

All I want is Azureus to work as the awesome BitTorrent client that it is, and NOT as my media center, nor as a media finding tool.

Oh, and resetting my preferences and forgetting what I was previously downloading before I "upgraded"? Yeah, that's one of the primary reasons why I'm really irritated right now.

I'm sure no one will read this. Oh well. Venting will help me get this off my chest....

Next was ING Direct. I'm sure someone messed up somewhere, and it's not really intentional, but for some odd reason, sending electronic checks to people lost the ability to select people from our online address books. So I'll have to enter in my landlord's account and routing numbers manually. :\ Not ideal, and kinda negates the whole point of having the address book in the first place. Feh. ING Direct's Facebook Page has a post from me about it. I'm also going to send a message to their customer support to see if I missed an option. Well, once I try it on Firefox to see if maybe Safari is messed up somewhere... :\

Fail fail fail fail fail. Urgh.

[edit] Ah hah. It's a nonintutive menu with suggestions that show up once you start typing. I didn't see it because I saw the "To:" field and was like, "ah fuck" and went to go copy and paste in my landlord's email address. And that didn't trigger their dropdown (because it can't search my email, oddly enough. FAIL).

Crisis partially solved, but I'm questioning the wisdom of the new design. :\ I left further suggestions on the facebook page. Not really expecting them to care. Oh well.
Tags: azureus, bittorrent, fail, ing direct
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