Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

History notes, for Lady

Of the Secret German War Plans:
7 failed: Japan stayed with British (promised that they will get asia empire)
6 failed: 2 Million sent, 600 lost @ sea
5 true: It did take the US 1 yr to raise money/troops & move their asses.
4 failed: Zimmerman Note
1 worked: Provisional government formed, etc.
2 worked: many ships sunk (were shown map)

British put net at top (northern section?) of channel and placed mines east of scotland

[ note - possible decisive war to write about in the exam ]
Deciding points:
1. Destroyers - could run down or shoot subs (if they surfaced)
2. Hybrophones - mic in water. recruited violinists 'cause they had good hearing
3. Convoy system - Have escorts
* note - sulfuric acid bateries underwater, used engines on surface
- subs have wireless, could hunt in groups (wolfpack?)
4. Depth charge - brand new! Barrel of TNT, roll it off the back of the ship...
-only problem was getting it to blow underwater - british think tank gathered
-solved by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, he created an underwater detonator
-was told that he could ask for anything (by the british)
-he asks for Jewish homeland -> leads to Balfor declaration
-he was head of WZO(?)
-caused sub mortality to be raised to 60%
-By fall of 1917, sub menance eliminated

Russians couldn't launch a new offensive until March 1918 because Russia/east front peace delay (with some american help)

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