Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Woo~ Castro Street Fair and CupcakeCamp

Attended the Castro Street Fair:

It seemed oh so tame in comparison to the Folsom street fair, although this time, I didn't get hit on (:D Yay, it's nice to get hit on once in a while, especially when both sides are joking.) by the donation sticker dude. Although the question of "Where do you want me to stick it?" always comes up. Hehehehe.

Mmm, saw some cheerleading, dancing. Had a nice lunch made of maize bread, beans, pork, cheese, with a side of odd fries that weren't made of potato. Got yet another free condom and lube sample along with a straw hat (the hat I gave away to a street artist that had a sign out for donations, but no hat to put it in). Also got a container of jelly beans from Mmmm. Oh, also saw people giving lessons on breaking boards. It was surprising that people could be taught to break boards without real training. I almost wonder if the black belts holding said board were exerting extra force on the boards to help them break? I don't know, I didn't try.

Also went to the CupcakeCamp:

It was, as the site put it, a delicious success. There were yummy cupcakes, I talked to people standing in line in front and behind me. Heard a story of an awesome April Fools joke of cupcakes being made out of meat (to look like chocolate cake) and potatoes dyed pink (as frosting). I shall have to do this myself, someday.

There were some awesome cupcakes too - I saw some baked into an ice cream waffle cup, an ice cream cone, ones that looked like cheeseburgers (seriously, I swear. I have pictures!), ones made from avocado (or with avocado), and ones with bacon.

Mmm, and tomorrow? Microsoft New Efficiency Live Launch. Need to get there at 7:30 AM. Urrrgh. Oh well, free copy of Windows 7.
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