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Posted about those 6 days and 4 some hours without power.

You can read about it here. Too lazy to crosspost.

In other news, Bach is really good. Really, really good. I just don't like playing it/him (really shouldn't use him, since Lady will make some comment about that. But he really isn't an "it" and I can't say.. nevermind.).

I've decided to move the IB Papers from long time ago to somewhere more public. So far so good, found a nice free host (50 MB space, 1G transfer). Very good, must write a thank you note to them sometime. And they let people register multiple account under the same e-mail. Not that this would be a big issue, really, since I can make infinite e-mail addresses for (qmail doesn't accept mail for though, which is one thing I need to fix sometime). 188.7 MB total, broken up over 4 accounts.

Not too happy with fortunecity's free webservice. 25 MB, but 3 GB of transfers. 8 accounts.

I think I'm going to need to find one last mirror. Recommendations are welcome. I need FTP, at least 25 MB space, and at least 1 GB of transfers, preferably more. As well as a way to index and link all the files. And some way to post the sites anonymously on IB forum/communities/mailing lists so it doesn't bother certain people (namely IBO). I also need to change the e-mail addresses to my redirect e-mail address. Cause that one is nicely shady enough to prevent simple trackdowns. Of course, there'll be logs of my IP, which can be traced to IBCorner, but.. mef, yeah. I suppose if IBO gets that serious about it, I'll take things down. Otherwise, those exams have helped me a lot. And you know, fair chances for people.

My evil side says we shouldn't post the links until I graduate. That way we'll have a better chance of scoring better. He's so evil.

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