Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Dream: Invasion of alien computers...

...I had a really, really odd, but vivid dream of alien technology invading the world. They were composed of small flying cubes, no more than a foot in any direction, with some sort of bigass mothership backing them up with large (unspecified) force.

But most importantly, they were armed with some sort of weapon that they could use to broadcast and wipe all of our hard drives. No, not just wipe - rewrite, so when our computers turned back on, they would boot up with the alien's OS, which would then report in about their owners. And the aliens would come and exterminate us.

A few survivors of the alien invasion managed to escape into the mountains or something, living off the land and avoiding technology and fire. Our history was lost, wiped by the alien's weapon technology. A lot of our technology was lost, as everything that could or would run was running the alien OS. But I woke up just as my dad happily told me to retrieve one of my wiped external hard drives, so we could bring it to some guy somewhere in a mountain (a hermit?). It was unknown whether this guy could help, or my dad had somehow turned to the dark side, and I was being turned over to the aliens...

This left much of my morning in a daze, contemplating one thing:
We need a permanent storage medium that can't get wiped out or destroyed. For some reason, my initial thought turned to storing the bits and bytes in carbon, with data encoded at the (sub?)atomic level...

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