Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Anime! D&D!

I think I'm going to like Dance in the Vampire Bund. Just watched the second episode and it looks promising. Granted, there's... rather unnecessary nudity, but mmm, I like fairy tales.

Other anime this season:
-Ookami Kakushi. Interesting. Annoying main male character's love interest is annoying. Redundancy intentional. She is that annoying. I'm just watching long enough to see the actual mystery (it's horror genre, I believe?) develop, and then I'll probably drop the series. Opening song is quite good (although it's by the people that brought us some of the .hack songs).
-Baka to Test to Shokanju. Some retarded thing about class rivalries. Meh.
-Omamori Himari. Eh, harem anime. Feh. Probably potential fail. Might just watch for the cat.
-Sora no Woto. Looks good. I like the animation and art. Music's also pretty good. Will probably continue to watch.

Played D&D for the first time today. It was interesting. I'm much more interested in the mechanics and less interested in the role play. And unfortunately, we're doing more role-play orientedness. Kinda reminds me of collaborative story-telling and pick-your-own-adventure, but the options you can pick from aren't exactly obvious.

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