Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Re: xkcd about dreams...

This is an interesting xkcd comic. I've never dreamt of backseat driving or my teeth falling out. There's been the normal, standard running-away-from-something-evil dream and a few flying dreams (flying's fun~).

There's also a rather odd dream of my perspective of things changing insanely. Like as if I was in Alice in Wonderland, and came across a really small door. But stepping through the door is really easy and it just gets bigger as I try to get through it. Rather curious and absurdly fun for reasons I haven't really figured out. And once I figured out lucid dreaming, I found I could revisit that dream and then modify the size of the door, the "perceived" size of myself... I think it's actually one of my entry/exit points for lucid dreams.

And then there's falling, but that's never really been particularly scary. Kinda like.. flying the wrong way. Another lucid dream setup method, but I don't come across this one all that often....

I dream in color.

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