Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oooooh, Eden of the East: The Move I - King of Eden

Man, that's a loooong title.

But yay, Eden of the East! I hope this move is good. It's practically 3 GB.

Also, on the topic of movies, I saw How to Train your Dragon. It was... well, relatively predictable, but still a rather good movie. Probably worth going into movie theaters for. They're like large, not-so-furry, fire-breathing kittens. That kidnap sheep. Heheh. Silly sheep.

Also, went Laser Tagging today with the Bay area asians meetup group. So fun - I don't think I've been to laser tag since Sharon's birthday party. And since we did two games, I got a chance to actually figure out some tricks.

They used the pretty standard set of vest+gun, with sensors on your front, back, shoulder, left and right sides of the gun, and straight down the barrel. 10,000 sq. ft., I believe it was.

For the free-for-all section, I came in #2 (out of the 37? people). Then during teams, I fell down to #6. Didn't move around when there weren't enough targets. Although it was a pleasure "controlling" the entire upper floor with two other teammates. :(

1) Shoot as often as you can. Figure out the trigger point - it's like a camera, you can push the trigger halfway down before it actually fires.
2) Snipe. There's a 50% chance you'll lose a face-to-face, since you're most likely shooting each other's guns, and hitting straight down the barrel isn't too easy.
3) Ideal locations:
----- a) if available, a second floor. People don't look up, most of the time.
----- b) a corner where there's a number of spots where you can hide and see people walk past you.

I kinda wish we did capture the flag type games though. That would have been more fun.


By the way, has anyone ever purchased a car via Hertz's Rent2Buy program? They've got a few Prius (08, 09) at $14k, $15k respectively, which seems slightly lower than what I've seen on used car lots. Not that I may be in a good position to buy a car, with the new condo, but... having a car would really help when friends come to visit in May.

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