Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I'm a homeowner now...

I got my keys yesterday.

2 bedroom, 1100-ish sq.ft., annoying hardwood floor (I think I really like carpet better. With carpet, you can just lie down and fall asleep. Hardwood floors are kinda hard and cold.), a kitchen that needs remodeling, windows that don't stay open (and could use replacing), and a lot of room for me to fill with all sorts of junk.

I still need to post pictures from Japan. Also need to post pictures of the new place.

And now to make myself some food, then look around for boxes. And maybe take a look at furniture pads to stick underneath my furniture. Man, I need pads with wings. That would make moving things so much easier.

Uggggh, I don't want to move again. It's only 1.4 miles away from my apartment. I could theoretically move everything myself, without using a car. It'll take several days though. But I do have 30 days to leave my apartment (30-day notice to terminate apartment given today). Thank goodness for my short, usual 5-month lease.


Oh yeah. And since I own the place, I could get a kitty! Or several kitties! I want kitties! I'd feel kinda bad about leaving them alone all day though...

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