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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Pictures from Japan!

There's pictures I need to rotate and probably some of Raine that she'll tell me to remove. But yeah, enjoy.

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foreveraspiring From: foreveraspiring Date: April 17th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, your pictures are fantastic! I love the underwear and sock machine. The little cell-type room was scary. Hope you had a blast!
kiati From: kiati Date: April 25th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
It took 199 pictures to find a recognizable shot of you and you're eating a black egg with a face. And the second: you eating an owl. Either your stomach doesn't tolerate authentic Japanese food and you were desperate or there's something wrong with your tastebuds.

I stand corrected on the sleeping pods: lined up like that, they look more like a laundromat. Or a morgue...

And I hope that girl that I see in quite a few of those pictures is Raine (otherwise, you can probably be labeled a stalker now. =X)

Oh, btw, the pictures are awesome. Looks like it was a fun trip. ^___^
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