Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Am successfully moved out of my old apartment, finally. Waiting to do a walkthrough with the landlord to hopefully minimize losses on my damage deposit.

Also, currently renting a Prius in the process of Hertz's "rent2buy" program. 2008, 41,000 miles for $13,650. Toyota dealer did a pre-purchase inspection ($100) and gave it a clean bill of health, but the mechanic noted that the luck of rental cars vary - it could have been repaired by a third-party shop that just glued parts back on and stuff.

I'm still in love with the smart-key system - all I have to do is have the key in my pocket and the doors unlock as I get close and I don't have to put the keys anywhere in order to drive - just sit in the driver's seat, hold down the brake pedal and hit the power button.
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