Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Toy Story 3 was awesome

And they deserved the 99% they had (have? I haven't checked again today) on rottentomatoes.

I hadn't seen the first two, but... it was just really well done for a movie that was targeted towards kids. Well worth the cost of the $15 3D-version ticket.

And... I couldn't have predicted the ending. Looking back, it's obvious, but while I was 90% sure everything would have to work out ok, I just didn't know which path of "ok" Pixar was going to use, and I wasn't sure how they would resolve the flaming problem the toys got thrown into.

It was beautiful.

The wall street journal review covers it pretty well, but I don't have a permanent link, unfortunately. It has spoilers, so you probably shouldn't read it anyways. (Probably only valid for this week.)

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