Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Movie: Machette was pretty awesome~

There was a ton of violence, some nudity, but all the violence was so over the top, it was hilarious. I think the 70-something% on Rotten Tomatoes is a bit low... Could do with a bit higher, really.

I think it's worth paying a movie ticket price for. Granted, my ticket was cheaper than normal due to the groupon deal. =^^=v


Kitties have been named Pounce and Cuddles. They're slowly adapting to life here, although they've been washed a few times with decreasing amounts of protest. Still haven't taught them to use the human toilet though.

Also, all the kitty things you hear about. All so true. The composure-washing after falling ungracefully, the landing on their feet no matter how high they jump from (I'm still not sure how Pounce got onto the very TOP of the bookshelf...), how easily distracted they are. Cardboard boxes and laser serve as really awesomely cheap toys. And somehow, they've learned that the jingle of the laser pointer means the red dot of shiny is going to show up. So if I brush the keychain even slightly, they'll run out and look for it (and then at me. I swear they know I'm holding on to it...)

Got a Roomba today, courtesy of, at about $70 cheaper than the other sale prices online. The kitties are afraid and really curious of it. I tried putting Pounce on the Roomba, but she just jumped off and ran away. Silly kitties, the Roomba bounces into more walls than you, clearly it's less intelligent and safe to sit on, so I can make adorable Youtube videos.

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