Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

2010 /end

It's been an OK year, I guess.

I still measure memories by semesters, really. Last January felt so long ago.

Travel: I went to Tokyo to see the now ex-girlfriend, I went to Beijing for work. Hit up New Orleans with Daphne, Lily, Amon, Adam, and Shalita.

I now own a condo. Parents paid the down payment. I'm paying the mortgage.

I have a car now. <3 my Prius.

I'm owned by two kittens, Pounce and Cuddles.

I switched jobs, from a much more laid back job doing more R&D stuff at a gaming company that was 25 minutes away by bike back to more development-centric position making a facebook app for real estate agents, so they can leverage the social network more efficiently. Got a significant pay raise as well, to get me to go up to San Fran, and change my commute to 12 minute bike + 45-1.25 hour train ride + 12 minute bike ride.

As a result, I get up around 7:30 now. Instead of 9. And I get home around 6-8. Instead of 5-7.

Currently single. Would like to rectify that.

2011? I don't know. I'm 25 now. I'm making a nice sum of money, but it feels like this won't get me to millionaire status anytime soon*. I did say "work a few years, then go back and get a masters". And that, I think, is still the plan. I would like to aim for Stanford - it's nearby, and there seems to be a good number of entrepreneurs that come from there, and the networking opportunities are pretty good. I don't know if I can make it in though.

*Odd current life goal. I want to get there before I turn 30, a semi-random age set for the point of setting a goal. The basis for the plan, however, is a summer agreement made between Karen, Lily, and myself while we were slacking off and not doing much, where we agreed that we'd all get rich, build a large mansion that we can share and fill with books. It may be a bit unrealistic, but it's nice to have something to aim for. And since it involves others, I can't slack off about it, which is good.

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