Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ah hah. Turns out, I have fleas.

For the past... oh, week or week and a half, I've been getting about 1-3 terribly itchy bug bits around my ankles. They started moving upward after some time, and for some time, I thought I had bed bugs or something.

Turns out, I have fleas - I saw something small and black crawling on me. Attempts to catch it made it jump and appear to vanish. Found it a little while later, upside down in a crack of my hardwood floor. Toasted it with fire so it'd stop moving and so I could pick it up. Unfortunately, I couldn't really tell what it was at that point, although I could make out legs and a really flat body. Found another one about an hour later, caught this one, tossed it in water for observation and then flushed it away.

So. There's no signs on the fleas on the cats, although they're the likely carrier. It could also be due to the free couch I picked up from craigslist that was cleaned then moved to my bedroom.

Thus far, I've spotted two while sitting on the couch, one in my bathroom, once after I put down Cuddles (that was by the guest bathroom).

I've tried putting out a pan of water (with some syrup to make it sticky) and leaving a nightlight on over it. Haven't caught anything except for that spider I found on my bed and tossed into the pan. I thought about leaving it so it'd eat fleas, but I'm rather doubtful that'll actually happen. From what I'm reading, fleas are attracted to heat and CO2.

Vacuumed the entire apartment except for the guest bedroom[edit: done]. Cleaning out my bedroom (which is... a mess of boxes, assorted stuff, and more assorted stuff.) I've also washed everything on my bed. Next will be to wash some of the other stuff I haven't washed yet and buy flea stuff (looking at Advantage).

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