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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Oh, hello from Taiwan.
I'm in Taiwan right now.

Been to Taipei, Hsinchu, and I'm in Kaohsiung right now.

I can't wait for California to get our High Speed Rail system. HSR is so awesome....

[edit] More snippets of thought:
• So much good cheap food. I'm going to miss this. Delicious delicious stuff for $1 USD
 • MOS burgers! Everywhere! Although I've only had it once.
• Fooooooooooood.
• Hm, my chinese is terrible now. There's stuff I know I know, but it'll slip my mind when I need it. Phrases like, "Donate" (to explain why my hair is so long). "Bus", "taxes", etc are ones that come to mind.
• Watching chinese subtitles on tv helps refresh some of these characters. I should probably do this more. Don't have the time though. Blah.
• Man, all you can use 3G iPad connection for my dad for about $20 USD/mo, no contract required. So jealous. Unfortunately, my iPhone 4 isn't unlocked, so I can't use that SIM card. I really should rectify that. :\ Unfortunately, doing so would mean I'd lose all the music I have on it right now, so that's just not an option.
• United Premier doesn't get me access to the United lounge. ::slightly irked:: I got in with my dad though, since he's United 1k.
• Got jeans. Was pricier than the jeans I tend to get, but maybe it won't fall apart so quickly. Or I need to change my bike saddle. I dunno. I keep wearing out the crotch area of my jeans, where the bike seat meets my inner thighs. It's rather irritating.
• Dear mosquitoes, I'm NOT your noms! Leave me aloooooone!

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porsupah From: porsupah Date: December 23rd, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mmm, street food's one of the great things about roaming around Asia. ^_^ Just doesn't seem to be a Western thing, at least now - even Hamburg, where once there used to at least be loads on snack shacks (Schnellimbiss), seems empty of such now, other than perhaps roasting almonds.

Ooh, and waffles straight from the iron in Ostend. =:9 So light and fluffy, so dangerously sweet..

I'm really hoping they break ground on the HSR link soon. And the long-threatened San Jose BART extension - anyone travelling to/from Milpitas or the East Bay will love that. Maybe SF can invade Marin and bring the system there, too. =:)
tinkleneko From: tinkleneko Date: March 1st, 2012 11:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
1. I TOLD YOU WATCHING CHINESE DRAMAS HELPED MY CHINESE!!!! Poop. Someone didn't believe me back in the days >=(

2. Yes. Don't get jeans from Taiwan. I don't know if the night market ones would sell for cheaper, but from my memory, buying jeans from Taiwan is definitely not worth it. Hm. Only pro is you can get them custom tailored like right there. Con, of course, is you can't return it if you change your mind or something. The girl ones tend to be really fancily decorated too... I'm assuming the guy ones are more normal. Maybe. Okay. Dang it. I can't remember how long my Taiwan ones lasted. I wasn't particularly fond of at least one of them, so I didn't wear it that much. So, at least one pair is still in my closet somewhere.. I still use the belts I got from Taiwan - and that was probably from like 4 years ago. Hope your pants last longer.
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